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The area studies centers at UNC and Duke partner with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to offer globally-focused professional development during International Education Week. International Education Week, held in November annually, is a national week of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education that celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. You can see our past programs for IEW 2021, IEW 2022, or IEW 2023.


International Education Week 2024
Professional Development Workshop for K-16 Educators

Engage, Educate, Empower

Saturday, November 9, 2024
FedEx Global Education Center, 301 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

As we engage, educate, and empower the young people of North Carolina, how do we learn from other examples from around the world? What does engagement look like across cultures? What role does education play in making a more robust, peaceful, and prosperous global community? How have groups been empowered in other countries and other contexts and how have they used that power to improve their lives and the lives of others? The 2024 International Education Week professional development workshop will tackle these big questions with examples from culture, music, art, language, science, history, and other disciplines.

Expert speakers from UNC-Chapel Hill and beyond will unpack case studies from Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia that can be deployed to teach North Carolina standards for several different subjects at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels, as well as provide teaching materials that can be used to adapt these topics to the classroom.

Participants will earn 0.5 CEUs for participation in the in-person workshop.

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Stay tuned for schedules, registration, and more in June 2024.


The above image from Seoul, South Korea, was captured by UNC student Calli Westra; it is used courtesy of UNC Global Affairs.