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What Are the Area Studies Centers?

UNC-Chapel Hill’s six Global Area Studies Centers provide services and resources for instruction, learning and research related to global issues, world regions and modern foreign languages. The Centers cooperate to better serve the University and public by hosting their own events as well as informing a wider audience about events, research, and funding through newsletters, event calendars, and social media.

By pooling resources, the Centers develop programs that provide a deeper understanding of the world’s regions and the importance of international education. We place special emphasis on offering resources to educators in North Carolina. UNC-Chapel Hill is one of very few US universities to house several area studies National Resource Centers funded by the US Department of Education under the Title VI program.

We encourage you to visit each Center’s website and sign up for our newsletters – or come by and visit us in the FedEx Global Education Center. Please feel free to reach out via email as well. Use the main navigation bar or the buttons below to explore the programs and resources we offer.

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