Application Components:

  1. Applicant Contact Information (NOTE: Applicants not yet admitted, or those external to UNC should enter a zero (“0”) in fields specific to UNC (i.e. PID, Onyen).
  2. Information for two references (Upon submission, the application system automatically emails online recommendation forms to recommenders. No letters are accepted. Recommendation forms are due February 14, 2019).
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. Transcript(s)
  5. Language evaluation form
  6. Regionally Related Language (Graduate Students Only: If you are applying to study at the beginning level, please indicate your proficiency level in another language of the world region you are studying.)

Please review the following detailed instructions:

  1. All applicants should review the comprehensive information available online as well as the FAQ for the relevant region PRIOR to starting an application.
  2. Consult the Languages, Contact Info + Applications page to determine the most appropriate center. Questions about eligibility or the program should be directed to the most appropriate FLAS coordinator.
  3. Applicants must have their skills evaluated by a language instructor if they have any prior experience in the language of application.  Evaluators complete the FLAS@UNC LANGUAGE EVALUATION FORM and provide it to applicants to upload into the online application. The language evaluation is not confidential. You can download the form here and send it to your evaluator. We recommend that you contact your former language instructor to complete the evaluation. If this is not possible, a UNC faculty member who teaches the language would be qualified to conduct the evaluation. 
  4. Applicants must submit a complete FLAS Application Form by 11:59 p.m. EST, February 8, 2019. Evaluations, transcripts and other required documents are all due by the deadline. Any late submissions may result in disqualification. Note: Some specific programs for study in Latin America may accept applications after the deadline, please consult the information in the Languages, Contact Info + Applications for details and contact information.
  5. Upon submission, the application system automatically emails online recommendation forms to recommenders. No letters are accepted.  Once a recommender completes an evaluation, applicants are notified automatically via email (view an example of the recommendation form). Recommendation forms are due February 14, 2019. 
  6. Applications are reviewed by the appropriate center and notifications will be sent to the email used to register for the online application system, typically within six weeks of the deadline.  
  7. FLAS committees review all proposals and rank them using a weighted scale that considers academic merit, demonstrated financial need, and the extent to which the proposed study or use of the language matches Title VI priorities.


All questions about the program and your application status should be directed to the most appropriate FLAS coordinator(s).

For technical issues with the online application, you may email or call +1 919 843 6842.