The LAC Program hires a limited number of graduate students each semester to teach weekly LAC discussion sections. We seek experienced instructors with interdisciplinary interests who possess advanced or native proficiency in the target language. Applications for spring positions are usually due in early November, while those for the fall are generally due in early April.

New LAC GRC Courses

The UNC LAC Program is collaborating with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to provide supplemental funding of $250 to multilingual Graduate Research Consultants who can assist students in completing research projects that draw on their foreign language skills.  We are currently piloting four LAC-GRC courses during Spring 2014:

HNRS 355 Borders and Walls in the Arab World
Professor: Nadia Yaqub, GRC: Nathan Swanson
Language: Arabic

RELI 480 Modern Muslim Literatures
Professor: Matthew Hotham, GRC: Patrick D’Silva
Languages: Arabic, Persian, French

ARTH 150: World Art
Professor: Mary Pardo, GRC: Beth Fisher
Languages: French, German, Spanish

KOR 151 Education and Social Change in Contemporary Korea
Professor: Ji-Yeon Jo, GRC: Hyeyoung Hwang
Language: Korean

For the Fall 2014 semester, we expect to offer supplemental funding to 3-7 GRCs with advanced foreign language proficiency who wish to assist students in using their foreign language skills across the curriculum.  More information will be posted soon on this webpage and on the OUR website.  Faculty interested in learning more about the program should contact LAC Coordinator.

Open LAC Instructor Positions

Graduate student instructors are needed to lead the following Fall 2014 LAC sections (pending the award of US Department of Education grants that support the LAC program):

French recitation section for GLBL 210: Global Issues

German recitation section for HIST 159: 20th-Century Europe

Spanish recitation section for ENST 210: Introduction to Environment and Society

Spanish recitation section for GLBL 210: Global Issues

Application deadline: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Responsibilities of LAC Instructors:

  • Contact the linked course faculty prior to the semester to discuss the syllabus, receive any necessary materials, and formulate a basic plan for the LAC section;
  • Prepare a syllabus for the LAC section and select teaching materials in the target language in collaboration with course faculty (materials from past LAC sections are available online);
  • Develop instructional materials for the LAC section, based on instructions provided;
  • Attend the linked course lectures and collaborate with course faculty and TAs as needed to develop exams and assignments;
  • Lead a weekly 50-minute discussion section in the target language, for a minimum total of 750 minutes (including the final exam) over the semester;
  • Require your students to complete self-assessments of their language proficiency at the beginning and end of the semester, using forms provided;
  • Ensure that material covered in the LAC section is incorporated into the final exam for the linked course;
  • Evaluate and grade your students’ assignments and performance, and report their grades;
  • Conduct a LAC evaluation at the end of the semester, using forms sent to you via campus mail;
  • Participate in a LAC Workshop during the academic year.

Application Information


Applicants must be enrolled as a UNC-CH graduate student and be employed as a full-time teaching assistant during the semester they teach LAC. LAC instructor positions are not intended to serve as a primary source of funding. Applicants are responsible for consulting with their home department’s Director of Graduate Study to ensure that they do not exceed the Graduate School’s recommendations concerning maximum teaching loads during the academic year.

Preference will given to applicants who have attended a LAC pedagogy workshop and/or intend to pursue the Graduate Certificate in LAC Instruction.


Each LAC instructor receives a total of $5,000, usually paid in the form of two to three one-time payments over the course of the semester. $1000 of the total payment may be withheld if the instructor fails to submit course materials to the LAC program by the end of the semester.

IMPORTANT The LAC Program is funded by federal grants that prohibit us from paying any portion of tuition or fees. Tuition, fees, and benefits must be paid by the instructor’s home department or be covered by the graduate student.

Application Instructions

Submit the following materials by email or mail to the LAC Coordinator before the deadline:

  1. The LAC Instructor Application (PDF form);
  2. A cover letter summarizing your interests and qualifications;
  3. A curriculum vitae that includes any relevant degrees and your past teaching experience;
  4. One letter of recommendation that attests to your academic strengths and your ability to lead undergraduate-level discussions on topics that may lie outside your area of study;
  5. One foreign language evaluation form, completed by a UNC faculty member.