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Global Music Show

globeIn collaboration with WXYC 89.3 FM, UNC’s student-run radio station, the UNC Global Area Studies Centers launched a monthly radio program in 2006. Running through Spring 2014, the Global Music Show focused on a particular world region each month, integrating both music from that area of the world and relevant expertise from guest scholars at UNC-Chapel Hill. Each broadcast — more than 60 archived below — is a live “lesson” interspersing records with a discussion of the history and context of the music.

Recent Broadcasts

Title: The Old and the New in African Music AVAILABLE IN PLAYLIST NOW
Hosts: David Pier, assistant professor of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies at UNC, and Katie Hjerpe, WXYC host
Airdate: May 28, 2014
Sponsoring Area Studies Center: Africa Studies Center (ASC)

Archive of Shows

Each Global Music Show includes several music tracks for the education of our audiences. The original copyright holders of individual songs retain their copyrights.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are prepared for select editions of the show. Please download them here and distribute freely.

PDF  Cross-Cultural Sampling in Hip-Hop Between the US and Central Europe (CES/CSEEES Nov. 2013)
PDF  The (Re)Invention of the Chanson française (CES April 2013)
PDF  Scottish Bagpiping and Music of the 21st Century (CES April 2012)
PDF  Nachahmer Rock: Investigating the Sounds of German ‘Copycat’ Pop (CES April 2011)
PDF  Folk Music of Southern Italy: Pizzica and Neo-Pizzica (CES Jan. 2010)
PDF  From Flamenco to Pop: Contemporary Music of Spain (CES Jan. 2009)
PDF  Nederhop: Hip Hop from the Netherlands (CES March 2008)
PDF  Irish Stew (CES Sept. 2007)
PDF  The Rebirth of Cool in Italy (CES Dec. 2006)
PDF  Rap and the Riots in France (CES Feb. 2006)